Four Dog Food Products Recalled Over Salmonella Dangers for Pets and Humans

According to the FDA, two people have picked up salmonella from the Raw for Paws product listed below. Typically a person or pet affected with salmonella experiences symptoms for 4 t0 7 days, which of

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The Dog Flu is Hitting Pets Hard This Year, and Here's What You Need to Know About It

[brightcove:5114187358001 default] Just when you thought the current flu epidemic couldn t get any worse: Apparently, the nasty illness isn t just infecting humans. There s a bout of dog flu goin

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From Barely Walking to Instagram Star: Lu-Seal the Dog Slims Down from 16 to 8 Lbs.

[brightcove:5648110334001 default] Part pig, part seal, part dog and all precious, Lu-Seal the dog is walking a little easier now thanks to an inspiring weight-loss journey . The Pittsburgh, Pe

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Rare Kitten Born with Two Faces Is Beating the Odds and Winning Hearts

[brightcove:5114187358001 default] No, you re not seeing double, and yes, this exceedingly rare kitten is real. Her name is Bettie Bee, and she was born on Dec. 12 to a normal house cat in Ea

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Barclays and Paypal announce tie-up as banks mull big tech threat

Barclaysand PayPal have announced a partnership that will see them explore ways to combine their services for customers.

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Global tech industry backs UK with $1.4 billion artificial intelligence deal

Theresa May's government has been driving an industrial strategy to tap into the growing AI industry.

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Property risks are rising for Asia-Pacific banks: Fitch

Banks within the Asia Pacific region are set to face higher risks from property, according to Fitch Ratings.

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After-hours buzz: FB, T, CMG & more

See which stocks are posting big moves after the bell.

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First Derm® Releases First Artificial Intelligence Dermatology...

Skin Image Search™ to Help Identify Any Skin Concern with a Smartphone

(PRWeb April 25, 2018)

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World Nutrition Inc. Celebrates Launch of Vitalyzm Supplement That...

It's no secret that healing after breast enhancement or other cosmetic surgery can be uncomfortable and take some time. The new supplement from World Nutrition Inc. Vitalzym is expertly designed...

(PRWeb April 24, 2018)

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Author’s Failing Marriage Saved Through Biblical Wisdom

Gail Kuppan’s New Book Breathes Life into a Troubled Relationship Through Emphasis on God’s Lessons

(PRWeb April 23, 2018)

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Social Health Registry Calls for Users to Take Charge of Their Sexual...

Startup Empowers Users to Practice Social Responsibility in Dating

(PRWeb April 12, 2018)

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The best travel photos of 2018 so far

If inspiration is the first step in travel, the journey starts with these photos. Get an instant vacation by checking out 2018's best travel photos.

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Hong Kong's best beaches

Hong Kong might not be your stereotypical beach town. But it's home to some truly stunning stretches of sand. Video by Black Buddha

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Soak it all in: 10 hotel bathtubs with jaw-dropping views

A deep-soaker tub -- complete with candles and bubbles and a nice glass of wine -- is perhaps the truest hotel indulgence.

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Walk through this 17-meter-deep snow tunnel

Live out your "Game of Thrones" fantasies by walking through this 17-meter high snow tunnel in the 'Roof of Japan,' the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route a few hours from Tokyo.

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